Global Initiative

Global Initiative at The Catholic High School of Baltimore

In the spirit of St. Francis and St. Clare, the Catholic High community seeks to enhance our understanding of increasingly common global and local concerns, appreciation of cultural diversity, and commitment to community service as a means for creating positive and sustainable change in our world.  A global initiative empowers Catholic High students to understand the complexities of our ever-connected world and furthers the mission of the school to educate women to transform our society. 

Our global initiative is an on-going effort to create a consciousness of worldwide issues.  Current programs include:

  • Curricula that develop critical thinking skills and prepare students for the demands of the 21st Century global workforce. 
  • The STEM program at Catholic High encourages an environmental awareness and the use of technology to create sustainable development. 
  • The Biomedical Program challenges students to examine social justice concerns within our health systems. 
  • The robust Visual Arts Program at Catholic High recently partnered with the Memory Project to create portraits of youth around the world who have faced severe challenges because of extreme poverty, neglect, abuse and/or loss.
  • Catholic High is proud to be Green School certified, which is maintained by a student led Green School Club. 
  • The school’s strong commitment to community service allows students to make a direct connection to how local action can have a positive impact on global concerns.