School Policies

Accident Insurance

Student insurance is offered to all students. Every student should be protected by some type of accident insurance. The school does not carry insurance to cover student accidents. This must be provided by parents either through family health insurance or through this reasonable and especially designed student accident insurance. Forms are given to the student at the beginning of the school year. For the protection of all involved, any student who is not covered by health or school insurance, will not be permitted to participate in any sports activity. A written statement of insurance coverage is to be filed yearly in the school office.


The Catholic High School of Baltimore expects all students to exhibit self-respect and respect for others in and around school. Therefore, violence of any kind will not be tolerated. Any student entering school or any school activity with a weapon will be subject to expulsion per the Catholic High Disciplinary Code. Any student who engages in verbal or physical fighting on school premises, at a school activity, or while in school uniform will be subject to suspension or expulsion.


Upon enrollment and annual registration at Catholic High, parents are asked to indicate selection of a tuition payment plan and to sign a promissory note for tuition and fees. Click here for a complete list of tuition, fees and payment plans. Financial Aid is need-based. Contact the Business Office for a FACTS application at 410.732.6200 ext. 226. Families can also apply online at Applications are due to the FACTS Company in December for the following year.

General Financial Policies

  1. Enrollment, as specified within the contract, may not be cancelled and all tuition or fees paid are not refundable.
  2. Checks returned for insufficient funds will carry a $30 fee payable to the school. Cash or money order will be required for all subsequent payments.
  3. Payments missed on Tuition Plans 1 will require immediate enrollment in the FACTS payment plan for tuition and fees outstanding.
  4. A bulk payment will be accepted at any time to reduce monthly payments incurred under Plan 3.
  5. Tuition assistance will be credited on a monthly basis. If a student transfers during the year, tuition assistance will also be withdrawn and tuition owed will reflect full payments without further tuition assistance. Students must meet the criteria for tuition assistance each semester. Please note: Tuition assistance must be applied for each year.
  6. All tuition and fees must be current for students to be admitted for the semester and to receive final course grades. Attendance at proms, formal dances, and participation in extracurricular events requires current payments. All tuition and fees must be paid by April 20 for event attendance after that date.
  7. Catholic High's Business Office policy on the moving/holding of FACTS debits is as follows: We will, as a courtesy, move or delay two debits during the 11-month contract period. After that, there will be a $25 administrative fee charged by the Business Office to move or delay a debit. All requests for delays or movements must be received in writing, via e-mail or letter, no later than five business days before the debit is to take place.

The Catholic High School of Baltimore reserves the right to suspend a student for a period of up to five school days if financial obligations, as agreed to in writing at the time of registration, have not been met by parent(s) or guardian(s). During the course of this suspension period, it is the responsibility of the parent(s) or guardian(s) to contact The Catholic High School of Baltimore and settle the debt. This suspension may occur over an exam period in either semester. Exams are ordinarily required to receive credit for courses taken at The Catholic High School of Baltimore. The student will be withdrawn if financial obligations have not been met at the end of the five day suspension period. The Catholic High School of Baltimore will consider requests for exceptions to this rule on an individual basis only for extraordinary circumstances. The Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees will aid in the arbitration of cases upon request for exception.


All fundraising done at, or through school, must be submitted to the Director of Institutional Advancement for pre-approval with final authorization by the President. Ordinarily, fundraising to benefit an individual is not permitted. Fundraising at Catholic High is as follows: Proceeds from fundraising that benefits the entire school may be used for expenses absorbed by the operating funds of the school. Proceeds from fundraising for specific groups or activities will be attributed to the organization. The school will expect reimbursement for costs incurred by an event held on campus or for services of school personnel, such as custodial or security. Clubs, School Organizations, and Parent Organizations who wish to conduct fundraising activities in the name of the school and using its tax-exempt status need to submit fundraising plans in the spring prior to the subsequent academic year. The plan is to include event or program explanation, business plan (expenses and profits), designated use of the monies raised and contact person(s), and expected time frame for execution of the fundraising activity. (Fundraising forms can be obtained in the Office of Institutional Advancement).

Athletic Organization/Booster Club

Fundraising to directly benefit the athletic program is planned yearly. All athletes are expected to participate. The school determines the use of these funds in accordance with the needs of the athletic department.

Mothers' and Fathers' Clubs

Fundraising events are planned by both of these clubs. Monies raised help support the programs of this organization and are directed to specific school projects that are not part of the operating budget. The school determines the use of these funds.


The school authorizes specific fundraising to be used for student tuition assistance. Generally these funds support current students whose families are faced with financial emergencies.


The Catholic High School of Baltimore, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, or national origin in the administration of educational policies, admissions, scholarship programs, athletic, or other school programs. The Catholic High School of Baltimore does not discriminate on the basis of sex or age in its hiring practices but reserves the right to restrict student admission to females. Students and faculty with handicapping conditions will be considered if their needs can be met within the regular school program and existing physical structure. Catholic High provides physical handicap accessibility for programs presented in its cafeteria and/or auditorium. Should enrollment need to be restricted, preference will be given to Catholic students, students enrolled in Catholic elementary schools, daughters of alumnae, and/or siblings of current students or alumnae who meet the general admission criteria.

Use of School Property

The Catholic High School reserves the right to restrict access to its school buildings and grounds. Outside groups may request use of the building and grounds according to guidelines established. All requests must be approved by the Principal on an individual basis.