Catholic High students become articulate in speech and writing, adept in the usage of technology, able to understand human culture through a study of humanities and the arts, and adept in those academic and social skills that promote team building and problem solving. Upon graduation, Catholic High students possess the knowledge and the experience to succeed in higher education and beyond.


To accommodate the various needs of students, Catholic High offers eight academic programs:

This program empowers young women to be active, engaged citizens by providing them with the academic experiences they need to successfully effect change in their local
communities and beyond. The Law and Leadership Program is designed for young women who have excellent writing, presentation, and communication skills while
providing leadership opportunities, extracurricular involvement, and real-world
experiences in Law and Leadership.

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This program enables students to begin an intense academic program in their freshman year with special emphasis in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The curriculum includes Physics, Chemistry, Biology,  two additional advanced sciences; NASA Engineering, Computer Engineering; Algebra II, Geometry; AB/BC Calculus; and a Senior Capstone Project.

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This program allows young women to explore rigorous directed content, in the medical sciences, not available in most high school environments.  Through a combination of course work, field experiences, and speakers, students explore a wide variety of college majors and post college careers.  The program actively builds partnerships with hospitals and health care providers.  It is our mission to bring a level of "real world" experiences not available in the classroom. 

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The McCafferty Visual and Performing Arts Program allows young women to concentrate in one specific area of the arts, thus preparing them more completely for further collegiate studies. The students will complete graduated levels of instruction in their particular discipline, build portfolios, participate in regional competitions, and will have musical performance and art exhibition opportunities.

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Honors Program

This program is designed to provide select students with a challenging and rigorous academic course of study. Incoming students enroll in all honors level classes and take Advanced Placement (AP) and dual-enrollment courses in their junior and senior years, enabling them to earn college credit while at Catholic High.

College Preparatory Program

This standard course of study allows student to engage in diverse coursework over four years that exceeds MSDE requirements, making our students academically able and college-ready. The faculty of Catholic High is committed to preparing each student for an enriching college experiences.

Archangel Program

This program provides an opportunity for success to students who have encountered academic difficulties during elementary and middle school. The Archangel Program offers small class sizes, a Mentor Program, and close coordination with home.

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