Helpful College Websites

You may find the following websites useful in your college search or for other information related to college admissions: -- This link on the college board website allows you to enter your college preferences and produces a list of colleges that match those preferences. – Provides information on many facets of college life, admissions, and academics. There is also a search engine that allows you to search for schools based on a number of criteria. – A useful website for college searches. – This website gives you access to the Common Application, where you can fill out one* form that will be accepted by a wide range of colleges and universities. (*There may be a required supplement for your college(s).) -- This resource can clarify and expand your understanding of particular majors, including a list of accredited colleges offering the major and careers aspects for graduates. – The biggest and best-known on-line scholarship resource. If you want to search for scholarships, this is the website.  – This site provides information on many areas of financial aid. – You will have to go to this website to apply for federal financial aid to any and all colleges on your list. -- Provided by the College Board, the Profile form is required by some colleges in addition to the FAFSA. -- An online community celebrating first-generation college students and supporting those who will be. -- a very large data base of scholarship opportunities sorted by category. - GoodCall Scholarship Engine requires no personal information and is free to use. - This website reviews and provides resources for some of the unique challenges women face when it comes to student loan debt and finding adequate financial aid resources for college.