Physical Education & Health

712 Phys Ed

CP – Physical Education | Grade 9 | Credit 0.5

The physical fitness of students is enhanced by a well-rounded physical education program that provides a variety of experiences to develop cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, flexibility, agility, strength, balance, coordination and good posture.

732 Health

CP – Health Education | Grade 9 | Credit 0.5

The focus of this course is health and wellness. The program provides educational experiences which promote health-enhancing behaviors in
students’ personal lifestyles. Topics include skills for leading a healthy life, lifestyle diseases, self-esteem, mental health, managing stress and coping with loss, understanding drugs and medicine, and preventing infectious diseases.

722 PE/Well

CP – Physical Education/Wellness | Grades 11 and 12 | Credit 1

This course is a continuation of physical education at an advanced level of participation in individual and team sports. The topics of wellness and life-long fitness are integrated in the course. Approval of the Athletic Director is required.