Technology Mission & Philosophy
The Catholic High School of Baltimore utilizes technology as a tool to empower our students, to broaden their world and enhance their learning experiences. Through the seamless integration of technology, our entire school community is provided with the latest skills, strategies, and equipment necessary to allow them to succeed in an ever-changing world. The Technology Department is committed to creating an educational environment that expands curriculum, encourages the use of new initiatives, and promotes moral and ethical use of technology.

Technology Goals:
In order to make the best possible path towards academic excellence through the use of technology, The Catholic High School of Baltimore has set the following goals:

  • Student Achievement: To improve student achievement through the development of technology skills in all curriculum areas thereby enabling students to meet present and future challenges.
  • Communication: To ensure that technology is integral to communication and the administration of the school program.
  • Hardware/Software Infrastructure: To maintain the hardware and software infrastructures that support the integration of technology in all aspects of the school community.
  • Staff Development: To develop teacher proficiency in technology skills and knowledge by providing staff development that enable the use of new technologies to enhance the educational program.
  • Cyber Safety: To provide a cyber safety curriculum that develops safe, moral, and ethical use of technology.

E-Learning Program:
Catholic High’s E-Learning Program supports a 1:1 iPad Program. The purpose of this program is to provide our students with the technology they need any time, any place. Our curriculum incorporates online resources, instant email access, note-taking, and other educational applications for the iPad. E-books and e-textbooks are available for some courses.

Student Technology Resources:

  • Apple iPads
  • Enterprise Class Wireless internet throughout the school
  • Cloud-based individual student email and storage space
  • Domain-based network account for personal file storage
  • Portable mini-computer labs available on each floor
  • Aver Pen technology
  • Apple iMAC fine arts lab with access to several Apple and Adobe multi-media and graphics software applications

Technology-Enhanced Classrooms:

  • Distance Learning Center where students can earn college credits by taking classes through Neumann University.
  • Multi-Media Computer Lab equipped with access to the Adobe Creative Design Suite.
  • The Joanne Liberatore Kramer Engineering Classroom equipped with student laptops and interactive devices for hands-on project development, including Robotics.
  • World Language Lab allows students to dialogue with each other in their target language, hear native speakers, and record and listen to their own pronunciation by interactive equipment that descends from the ceiling.
  • Music Composition Lab that allows students to create their own music using music composition software and to reinforce skills such as aural and music theory. Students can also record themselves and add other instruments to tracks in order to create new ensembles and arrangements.
  • The DeCarlo Library/Media Center equipped with Internet accessible computers and access to online reference databases.

Technology Support Course Description
Catholic High offers a course that requires students to use analytical and problem-solving skills to resolve student, faculty, and staff technical problems.  Students will develop troubleshooting skills to diagnose and resolve problems for various types of computer equipment, including: printers, laptops, projectors, and tablets.

Successful completion of Computer Engineering (544) and approval of instructor.  This course is only available to seniors.

Summer Technology Office Support
The Technology Department at The Catholic High School of Baltimore schedules many projects each summer.  With the increase in project workload, the department has a greater need for additional resources during the summer months.  Select rising seniors or graduating seniors are often presented with the opportunity to work in the Technology Department during the summer.  The Technology Department is also responsible for planning and organizing weekly summer cookouts for our summer employees.

Catholic High always encourages and welcomes our alumnae to return to their alma mater after graduation.  For the past several years, Catholic High has hired alumnae as technology assistants to work throughout the school year.