Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety

Implementing the school mission that fosters Christian attitudes of dignity and respect and in conjunction with state-wide goals, The Catholic High School of Baltimore is enhancing its Cyber Safety program. The program focuses on educating our students in responsible use of all technology. A firewall with content filtering and application control components is currently in place.

As part of this program, the strategies below are being implemented:

·        Students, faculty, staff and administration are expected to follow guidelines and
        consequences of the school’s Acceptable Use Policy.

·       Students will participate in activities that will include the topics of cyber safety, cyber
        security and cyber ethics.

·       Incoming Freshmen will all receive cyber safety training as part of their Freshmen
        technology training.

On behalf of the Technology department, a group of students and staff members informed the Catholic High community about the prevalence of cyber bullying in today's society during the 2014-2015 Cyber Safety assembly.  Cyber bullying is a major issue today with thousands of teenagers being victimized regularly. By the use of live student-performed skits, an interactive cyber safety statistical game, and a duo slam poetry performance and motivational speech from two Catholic High employees, the students learned how to identify a cyber bully and how to apply cyber bullying prevention strategies.

Below are reccommended resources to keep you safe online!

Cyber Safety Handout