Shahan Unsung Heroine of the Year

The Shahan Unsung Heroine of the Year Award is dedicated to the memory of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Shahan, parents of former Athletic Director, Kathy Jo Harris, who unselfishly dedicated their lives so that she could reach her goals.

The criteria for selection:

  • The student athlete must be a junior or senior.
  • Unselfish contribution to the athletic program.
  • The student must be trustworthy, respected, and dedicated.

The Selection Process:

  • The Athletic Director will compile a ballot of eligible athletes.
  • The student athletes will vote for their top five choices.
  • The coaching staff will cast the final vote.

Recipients of this Award

2013 Courtney Lanasa
2012 Nicole Broccolino
2011 Brije Smith
2010 Kayla Childs
2009 Kaitlyn Ratych
2008 Adrianne Williams
2007 Sarah Green
2006 Lauren Terry
2005 Amy Tignanelli
2004 Nicole Conrad
2003 Megan Gilley
2002 Danielle Bassett
2001 Laura Dantoni
2000 Kristen Topper
1999 Natalie Boulware
Katierose Riegger
1998 Stephanie Washington
Rebecca Bieneman
1997 Cheryll Siebert
Natalie Loftus
1996 Cheryll Siebert
Victoria Battaglia
1995 Jennifer Betly
1994 Jennifer Crist
Valerie Argentino
Melanie Denk
1993 Valerie Argentino
Marie Morrow
1992 Amy Beall
1991 Laura Heidel