Visual Arts

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Department is committed to giving every student a well-rounded arts curriculum by offering a wide range of courses.  The course selections are designed to give students an introduction to Art History, art materials and the process that goes into making art.  We have courses ranging from the beginner to the more advanced levels.  We value our Fine Arts courses in line with our Franciscan tradition and ideals in order to build character, critical thinking skills and creativity.

Art Courses

831 Basic St. Art

CP – Basic Studio Art | Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 | Credit 1

This foundation course covers the basic handling of tools, materials and techniques. In this basic design course students understand how art works through the elements of art and principles of design. They are able to write and discuss concepts, ideas, styles and artists, as well as produce art solving technical, visual and creative problems encountered by all artists.

833 Int. St. Art

CP – Intermediate Studio Art | Grades 10, 11, 12 | Credit 1

This course is a continuation of Basic Studio Art with an emphasis on using previously acquired skills to express ideas, values and feelings that are important to individuals and society.  Students continue to learn about the rich diversity of art forms that have been made throughout history and around the world.

Prerequisite: Grade of B or above in Basic Studio Art and permission of instructor

832 Advanced Studio Art 1
839 Advanced Studio Art 2

CP – Adv. St. Art 1, 2| Grades 10, 11, 12 | Credit 1

These courses are a continuation of Intermediate Art. Various topics are explored in more detail. The development of a personal portfolio is expected.

Prerequisite: Grade of B+ or above in Intermediate Studio Art or an interview with the teacher along with submission of drawings

834 Multicultural Art Appreciation 1

CP – Multi. Cult. Art 1, 2| Grades 10, 11, 12 | Credit 0.5 (each semester)

These classes offer students the opportunity to learn several of the traditional lost arts and several new ones. The classes emphasize historical perspective and include many hands-on activities. Their focus is on fiber arts—traditional weaving, cloth and silk dying and sculpture and jewelry making—cold joining. Papermaking, bookbinding, printmaking and illustration are studied.

846 Sculpture and 3-D Design

CP – Sculpture and 3-D Design | Grades 10, 11, 12 | Credit 0.5

This course introduces students to the idea of thinking conceptually and creating dimensionally.  Students are taught sculpture and 3-D design skills using a variety of materials such as cloth, string, clay, plaster, wood, wire and paper.  Students also work on product design as well as theatre props and set design.  Creative and “outside of the box”   thinking is encouraged.

National Art Honor Society

NAHS is committed to recognizing high school students who demonstrate outstanding abilities in the visual arts and bring art education to the attention of their schools and communities.  Members are selected based on commitment, and grades in art, as well as core subjects.  Students are expected to complete a portion of their community service using their gifts in a positive way in line with our Franciscan values.  We raised money through face painting over the years with St. Baldrick’s, a foundation committed to childhood cancer research, painting wall murals, and fund raising for Animal Rescue.  We have also attended art-related field trips to galleries, theaters, and a glass-blowing class over the past year.