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Alumna Helps Choreograph Cinderella

Catholic High would like to shine the spotlight on Katie Gerstmyer, a third generation Cub and Towson University student, for her outstanding dedication and commitment to her Alma Mater. Katie is currently studying Elementary Education and Theatre and has come back to TCHS to assist with the Theatrical Dance class and choreograph the school musical, Cinderella. Katie’s determination and passion has helped the women of Catholic High to expand their knowledge through new styles of dance and encourage them to get out of their comfort zone. When asked how it felt to be back at Catholic High, Katie said:

“I don’t have words to express what this means to me. I have always had dreams of being a choreographer and teacher and I am so beyond thankful that I got to come back to the place that let me grow and help me discover who I am, to pursue my dream. I will never forget this experience.”

Although it was strange to be back in the school as an Alumna, Katie said that she enjoyed helping the young ladies because she was able to expand her own knowledge and share it with her students, as well as get to know them on a more personal level. This experience sparked memories of Katie’s experiences as a student at Catholic High and how she was personally inspired by her teachers that helped her. In particular, Katie said “Mrs. Brown helped me to grow musically and pushed me to try things that I found to be hard. She gave me confidence and told me to be the best me I could be.”

Katie also mentioned how much she enjoyed working with Mrs. McGuire and how she helped her “put excitement in all things theatre.” Katie was inspired by Mrs. McGuire’s passion for theatre and said that it motivated her to make it one of the best musicals in Catholic High history.

Katie’s hard work and determination was evident in Cinderella and the students greatly appreciated her your guidance and instruction. We look forward to having her back at Catholic High in the future!