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Congratulations to our Students of the Year and to our new Miss Catholic High!

Yesterday, May 10, 2017 we held our Annual Miss Catholic High Assembly. Each month throughout the year we recognize Students of the Month for every grade level. To become a Student of the Month, students must be nominated by a teacher and then are selected based on the following criteria:

  • demonstrate joy, leadership and empowerment throughout the TCHS community
  • demonstrate school spirit through active participation in activities and fundraisers
  • demonstrate respect and courteous behavior at all times
  • passing grades in all classes
  • no Category III or IV infractions 
  • no current detentions
  • no more than two Category II infractions all year
  • less than four days absent in current month
  • less than three days tardy in current month

Once recognized of as a Student of the Month, each student is then nominated for Student of the Year or Miss Catholic High. Durng this selection process, our Students of the Month go through one-on-one interviews with committees of faculty and staff members before one is chosen for each grade level as Freshman of the Year, Sophomore of the Year, Junior of the Year or Miss Catholic High (Senior of the Year).

This year's winners are:

  • Freshman of the Year: Olivia Russell
  • Sophomore of the Year: Erika Maher
  • Junior of the Year: Heather Bertling
  • Miss Catholic High: Maria Kelly

Congratulations to our winners and to all of our Students of the Month for a job well done this school year! 

Please click here to view more photos from the assembly.