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Connecting to Colombia

Connecting to Colombia

The Memory Project is a unique initiative in which art students create portraits for abandoned, orphaned and neglected children and teens from around the world to let them know they are not forgotten. The National Art Honor Society students received 25, 8x10 photos to work from to create a special portrait for the children in locations throughout Colombia. The “Memory Project” portraits became a vehicle of compassion to an unknown child.

Noelia Salazar ’17, a National Art Honor Society member explained, "Being able to connect with the children from the Memory Project in Colombia was truly a blessing. It is amazing to see how much my artwork can impact someone's life in such a positive way. I'm happy to be able to give such a special, sentimental gift to the children and see the happiness it brings to their faces.”

Julia Stanitski ’17 described the experience as special and personal. "The Memory Project was so special to me and my classmates because it allowed us to become very closely connected with the children we were drawing. Through the months we were working on the portraits, we came to appreciate the differences in these Columbian children and know each and every one of them personally."

Our visual arts teacher, Mrs. Elaine Hummel, heard about the Memory Project through her School Arts subscription last fall. Since then, our National Arts Honors Society students have created portraits for the “Memory Project” every year. “I wanted to participate in a project that would make a difference in a world that seems so overwhelmed by negativity. I wanted to show our students how small things can mean so much to a child half way around the world by using their gifts of artistic ability,” Elaine shared. 

Watch the 'thank you' video below.