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Student Artwork

Studio Art 1 – Notan Designs

Students cut out geometric and organic shapes from a square piece of black paper. They then flipped the shapes over and glued them down onto the paper. Students applied what they learned about asymmetrical and symmetrical balance as well as negative and positive space when creating these beautiful designs.

Intermediate Art – Value Study

Students used a variety of materials such as charcoal, graphite, and watercolor, to explore how different and similar processes result in a range of values.


Intermediate, Advanced Art I, and Advanced Art II – Composition, Color, and Texture

Students chose two contrasting images from a magazine and wove them together. They then took this new and engaging composition and rendered it in colored pencil. Art principles and elements such as texture, shape, and color were all important in creating these pieces.


Sculpture – Hanging Mobiles

Students created hanging mobiles using miscellaneous materials which were inspired by either an artist or their work.


Can You Guess The Artist?

For their Midterm, Intermediate Art Students had to pick an artist and create a piece of artwork inspired by the work of that artist. For example, they could use the artist’s style but completely change the subject matter. They could exaggerate the artist’s concepts or find a way to convey them while still referencing the artist. Students could even use the same composition of an art piece, as long as they transformed it by using different materials as well as changing its meaning.