A Program of Law and Leadership in the Franciscan Tradition

A Program of Law and Leadership in the Franciscan Tradition

Program Overview

This program empowers young women to be active, engaged citizens by providing them with the academic experiences they need to successfully effect change in their local communities and beyond. The Law and Leadership Program is designed for young women who have excellent writing, presentation, and communication skills while providing leadership opportunities, extracurricular involvement, and real-world experiences in Law and Leadership. Our curriculum develops the essential skills of responsible leadership, with a comprehensive appreciation for the principles and values upon which the legal system rests in order to successfully impact society in a morally, ethically, and responsible way.

Setting the foundation of the program, freshman and sophomore students take classes in Public Speaking, History, Leadership in the Franciscan Tradition, and Latin or Spanish.
Creating an appreciation for the moral and ethical values of the legal system, juniors and seniors take courses in Government, Economics, Law, Research, Writing, Global Issues, Law through History, Leadership and Social Justice. A culmination of the program takes place senior year in which students will have a capstone project that incorporates the creation of a Strategic Plan.

To ensure the young women in this program are becoming active, engaged citizens, students must participate in at least two of the following extra-curricular activities:

  • Duns Scotus Forensics Society 
  • Student Council
  • Youth Government Program
  • TCHS/Curley Mock Trial Team 
  • Maryland Page Program
  • Student Congress

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