College Planning

Our Commitment

The Catholic High School of Baltimore is committed to helping each student gain admission into the colleges of her choice. Our college counseling services begin when we discuss and analyze with students their PSAT test scores and identify strategies that will prepare them for admission into, and success during, college. In both individual appointments and additional class meetings, we continue these discussions each year until students become seniors. We also hold parallel meetings with parents of each class, discussing these issues and also ideas pertinent to college financial planning.

Students may make appointments with her counselor to discuss their academic progress and college plans at any time. We think that it is never too early to think about college and to plan for it. 

College Acceptances

The Class of 2022 was offered $13,182,179 in college scholarships, grants, and awards. View the Class of 2022's college acceptances below!

College Acceptances

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