Miss Catholic High and Students of the Year

Miss Catholic High and Students of the Year are honored at the end of the school year during the Miss Catholic High Assembly.

Nominees for Miss Catholic High exhibit academic excellence, responsible leadership, and Christian community service consistently over their four years at Catholic High. Each month during the school year, a Student of the Month is chosen from each class. This person demonstrates exemplary leadership qualities and actively takes part in school events.

Miss Catholic High is a time-honored tradition upheld by the faculty, administration, and students. The senior honored as Miss Catholic High crowns the Blessed Mother during the May Procession.

Criteria for Miss Catholic High and Students of the Year

All Students of the Month are eligible for Students of the Year and Miss Catholic High if they continue to uphold the Student of the Month criteria throughout the school year.

Criteria for Student of the Month

  • Demonstrate joy, leadership and empowerment throughout the TCHS community
  • Demonstrate school spirit through active participation in activities and fundraisers
  • Demonstrate respect and courteous behavior at all times
  • Passing grades in all classes
  • No Category III or IV infractions
  • No current detentions
  • No more than two Category II infractions all year
  • Less than four days absent in current month
  • Less than three days tardy in current month

Procedure for Student of the Month

  • Each month, grade level teachers nominate students from their classes.
  • A list of eligible nominees is compiled for each grade level.
  • Class Moderators send the list to all faculty members for their vote for the Student of the Month.
  • Students are awarded at school assemblies.
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